Saturday, October 31, 2009

what beautiful shoes you have!!

in terms of shopping & entertainment, phnom penh is not superduper. there is not even a proper mall!! but one of my all time favorite find in phnom penh - beautiful shoes!! (haha.. i know its a cheesy name! but a gem of a find!)

tucked in a dingy corner of street 143 in this manky shophouse, you'll find this crazy shoe heaven!! their shop displays rows and rows of samples, both male & female ones, but the exisiting designs are a little dated. if you bring your own sample or a picture, they will gladly make it for you!! i've seen them make a gucci wedge right out of a picture!! so its super simple. you roll up with the picture/magazine tear out, they measure you up on the spot and you sit with a whole ring of colourful leathers in all colours of the rainbow. its so much fun with endless possibilities!! easy peasy!! :) come back in about 8 days time and tadah! a beautiful shoe is born!

i was a little sceptical at the beginning cos im rather picky with shoes. but they've not disappointed me so far! and at $20 a pop, i am not complaining!!

i can only imagine how interesting the back of the house is with many little shoe elves cobbling away! there are other competitors in the same row of shophouses but this one is the original and most popular with barangs (expats) because their sales people are super friendly and speaks great english! daniel, who has fussy feet, had work shoes made once which didn't fit as comfortably. they offered to re-make a new pair immediately but eventually fixed the problematic heel after a few alterations!! they did everything patiently with no complains! :) A plus for customer service!

tadah!! from a picture of kate spade's merrie for them. not too shabby, eh?

and that, my friends, is the reason why my shoe collection is still growing rather healthily even though im stranded in cambodia! :)

Beautiful Shoes
#148, Street 143
Tel: 012 848 438


  1. farangs, dearie.
    parang is knife-like weapon!!

  2. ooops!! my typo! you're right!!
    i meant "barang" (khmer for foreigners) actually!! exactly the same as "farangs" (thai for foreigners too)!!! so similar!!

  3. ahhh i see!! languages are so interesting eh! =)
    barang in sg means "stuffs", as in barang-barang~

  4. it does!! when i first heard it here that was my exact first thought too! :) :)

  5. i know!! every week im combing the internet for pictures of shoes i can make!! :) :) very fun! :)

  6. these are cute!! seemingly kate spade-ish but not a direct rip off so no one can say these are fakes (since they are originals in every sense). Heh. Must.go.visit when i go to cambodia!

  7. yes you must!! :)
    just remember they take approximately 8 days in production! but its ok! i can pick it up for you if your shoes are not ready in time!! :)


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