Wednesday, October 7, 2009

weekend travels: sihanoukville

part of my new "spontaneous" lifestyle, we decided to give flashpacking a go! sihanoukville is phnom penh' nearest beach boasting of some of asia most undiscovered dive spots. we've been here for months and have never visited!

so we caught the Mekong Express to Sihanoukville early saturday morning. The tickets costed us $6 per pop so was a little cautious. but we were told it was the BEST luxury limousine bus in town so toughen up, kids. it turned out okaaay.. the seats a little spring-ful with occasional bugs but very well ventilated and fairly painless. still it was four hours! in that time we could have flown back to singapore!!

we stayed at the Reef Resort for one night and got a pool-view room. was rather basic but it topped various travel guides!! clean, mosquito-free (big thing for daniel..) and it costed only $30 including breakfast! what a steal!!

boys & their toys!!! these cuties found a stash of old computer parts & headphones!!

sometimes, i catch daniel, up to his neck with his latest gadgets, camera gear & apple stuff, bearing the same huge grin!

the beach & sand is not superduper, bit like the beaches in singapore but the waves were awesome! great for watersports..

mum's going to freak out! on top of being two shades darker, i have awful RED bites all over my back & limbs from mysterious midnight attackers.. :(

hi! ma man! :) we reclined into fluffy lounge chairs at Jack Shark Shack facing the sea for dineroos. went with their specials du jour, grilled fresh seafood with generous kampot pepper sauce. very very yummy! loved the kick of pepper & onions on top of the juicy chunks of fish, squid & shrimp..downed it with their local beer. perfect! it was also mid autumn festival so the locals were celebrating with fireworks that popped in all sorta colours. it was all very festive & laid-back. do you like daniel's unintentionally popped collar? he is refuses to let me style him! bahh...

happiest when fed! :) pancakes by the road...

we were keen to take a day trip to the little islands cos the water looked a lot prettier there BUT because it was such a short trip, i guess we'll have to wait till the next time..

'roughing' out the local way - tick! :)


  1. thanks!! such a huge compliment coming from you!! daniel is sooo thrilled!

  2. haha!! daniel loves all my food shots! he claims those are my most genuine smiles.. *sigh*

  3. Hello!! Yi Lian, daph's pal, here! Happened to stumble upon your blog! Am adding you to my list yah!

  4. oh hai! :) are you still in HK? i'll add ya too!!

  5. Yes yes! still in HK. But i dun update my LJ. Only use it to snoop on my pals. I'm at! :)

  6. living in HK must be super fun with all the good food and shopping! :) you take care heaps, babe! :)


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