Monday, October 12, 2009

wedding stuff: kenny & yingjie

everyone loves an excuse for a weekend in the gardens so when we got the invite, we were very thrilled! i wrote a little about it back in this post, so this is really old news! but i just got my hands on the pictures!! (methinks daniel does not take my journalistic integrity very seriously..) anyway this is too exciting to miss so better late than never!!

the wedding details were impeccable!
from hand-made wedding invites to a ring-pillow shaped in a car! everything was conceptualized by the bride herself!! tres cute! she came up with this loose cluster of baby's breath which stood out in the sea of roses of all shapes and sizes!!

the wedding theme was tiffany blue. and the dresscode was: something blue (and comfy footwear) but obviously im the only one that got the memo and wore flip flops, leaving everyone else towering over me ... *bah*

me & june with the beautiful bride!

talk about useful wedding favours... :) i love these cuties! :)

june & her beau!! (no pressure.. but you're holding the bouquet, hon!!)

in our downtime as the couples lined up for their grand march in, we poked our noses into other couple's party and took some happy snaps with our parasol!!

it was fascinating to see how the chief designer put together the entire event, speckling little huts throughout the gardens and dressing each and everyone with a unique theme and concept!! they accomodated 168 couples' nuptials all within the hour!! this included the couples and the full entourage!! but the organizers executed everything in military-like precision! i was very extremely impressed!!

congrats babes! :)


  1. u're looking great despite being towered over.. keke..

  2. love your dress!!
    i think the brolly is sucha cute idea! =)

  3. The wedding favor fans are cute. So is the parasol. :-)
    Are they actually available in Singapore?

  4. yes! both are available in singapore!
    handheld fans: (check out their other designs too! uber cute!)
    parasols: chinatown. 3 for $5 - 10 depending on size. they come in crazy neon colours too! :)

  5. thanks, sweetheart! i almost melted by 5pm. it was super hot!!

  6. thanks babe!! the parasol was a neat way to provide shade without looking tooo auntie!! :)

  7. Babe, that photo about ppl towering over u is a misleading.. hahaha.. that was a slope!!!! haha but thanks for posting these lovely pics.. =)

  8. and i think i was on the higher end of the slope!!! but anyway, everyone was completely taller than me! :( oh well, the woes of a dwarf.
    i'll send your thanks to daniel!


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