Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wedding stuff: jerine & terence part. une

im in awe. yixin, their official photographer was done with their pictures merely 4 days after the wedding. even before i caught up with my post-wedding fatigue, she texted me to check her blog out!! and boy were they great pictures!! she's also such a sweetheart and so much fun to be around!! :)

okkayyyy... im such a princess. i've already bitched about early start time earlier here but the wedding revelry started really really early! all of jerine's bridesmaids (or in local context: jiemeis) were told to arrive at her home dressed in pink at 6freakin30 AM! so darn early! my peepers were all swollen and screaming bloody murder!! at 6am, i thought 'ah-hah! lets text aggie the forgetful in case she is still in bed' but only to get the shocking response that she was ALREADY there!! *faints*so i bailed on my hair curling attempts and hopped into the car immediately.

candy holding ricky. he's a ham. he casually wanders into everyone's pictures!! both such cutie patooties.. i mean.. if i were the guys i'd totally empty my pockets there and then and do anything they ask of me to!

aggie & me as maids. really profesh-looking, right?

the gals were very efficient. we brewed vinegar tea, strung chilli concocted some weird goopy chocolately mess and chatted up a storm very impressive and organized! but the boys, i must say, won hands down. lead by ring-leader, terence, they came prepared with all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. BUT they're the most sporting and sweet buncha boys!! they did everything we requested for with gusto. did not get pissed or threaten to leave (yes! some grooms do that.. its gross!) they even looked like they were having fun!! i guess thats what you get for being awesome people, your pals will always have your back.

team terence.

more haggling.

 our $1000 in gold coins!!

they even made our chief negotiator a $1000 silk sash. but she's top gun! and a very hard negotiator!! 

team jerine.

yixin organized a little group photoshoot at their new home. they were all little tasks to do! here, we were told to pounce on them and give them hugs!

jerine & terence, congrats again! i wish you all the best life has to offer. and many many cats, dogs and kiddos to come!! :) thanks for having me! :)

in the evening, i was relieved of my maid's duties so i could babysit daniel. but came in earlier to help set petal cones in place and help jerine dress up. then i got lucky and yixin caught a shot of me hiao-ing! i love it, thanks babe!!!

more pictures from lightedpixels blog.


  1. Love the pink dress you have on - very cool floral motif!
    I was gonna say I thought I it was you in the pics on the lightedpixels blog. Yixin is gonna be my photog for the day, let's hope I do her pics justice haha.

  2. I love that pic of you hiao-ing. Very nice :)

  3. its very moody and composed!! (very unlike my normal self!) :)

  4. thanks babe, my dad got it for me from china!
    im sure yixin'll do a fantastic job for you!! :) :) she is super nice and you're very photogenic! i cant wait to see your pictures!!!

  5. Gosh
    U took my breath away in the last pic.

  6. Re: Gosh
    she is soooo talented right? made me look vaguely lady-like, right?

  7. thanks!! the stylist took 1.5 hours to curl! if only my regularly permed hair looks half as glamourous! :)


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