Friday, October 9, 2009

wedding stuff: the day before...

im meant to be awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30am in the morning. at jurong! did i say JURONG??! i daresay i have not wander to that part of the world since my college graduation! and if this is not a testament of how much i love jerine, i don't know what is. and im so thrilled that for once, im not running around headless worrying about a soiled cancan skirt, petal cones or tardiness of groomsmen. well, fact is, i still will be keeping an eye on all these things but as her bridesmaid!! her ladies-in-waiting are a mixed bag of girlies from different points of her life. and we sorta all know each other indirectly but met up last week for a wedding briefing! :)

i must admit i've always had reservations about a gaggle of over-enthusiastic girls overcompensating for their own eagerness to get married, projecting their own unrealistic goal of a purrfect day for their good friend. at the best of times, i find them overbearing, unnecessarily dramatic and tedious to deal with. bridesmaids. really another art to master. but this really changed my mind! us and the ten "xiong di" (groomsmen) sprawled in her jurong (yes.. jurong again!!) apartment a few sundays ago is really quite far down my list of to-dos on my precious weekends home. but it was so exciting it felt like chinese new year as a child!! we plotted and planned, were briefed on our duties and chided on what to bring/wear. everyone chipped in and offered their help. it was quite heart-warming to see everyone so enthusiastic! without exposing too much of our gameplan, i've never met anyone more keen & experienced in choosing gaundy underwear. not me, im in charge of miscellaneous crafts & stationery! :) and i daresay, from the support of their crew, this is one wedding that will do just great without a wedding planner!!

earlier today, me and jerine got some us-time to run some errands and that included prepping the bride for her big day! we had big lofty plans to book in a spa/hair treatment but found ourselves pressed for time so ended up at the always-dependable nail spa, Snails, at wheelock for a quick fix! the bride indulged in some decadent sake-infused soak, scrub and had her virgin french experience!! one by one, i take over the world with french manicures!! don't u just love how clean and neat it looks? perfect for the bride! even talked her into embellishing with some scattered diamonds!! i hope we catch some lovely pictures of her nails tomorrow!!

the bridey & me! :) (note: we have better brows now!)

im obviously a little tooooo excited because i happily jumped out of bed at freakin' 3am. so im blogging about it at 4am with my full wedding gear on!! so if you see a drooling bridesmaid nodding off at her "station", that would be me! :)

happy wedding day, girlie!!


  1. hey you're back in town!
    Welcome back for a short weekend!

  2. back!! :) im back for a LONGG two weekend stay!!! lets hang!

  3. Mucks
    Thanks my sweetie for the relaxing nail spa!! and also!! for climbing your way to Jurong *muaks* i know you love me.. but i wanna let you know.. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! muak muak muaks.. looking forward to your official wedding in aust! :)

  4. Thank you thank you!!
    I LOVE YOU my sweetie!! THanks for your lovely and relaxing nail spa treat and waiting for me while i have to do some other errands :)
    Very touched that you flown back specially for me and i cant tell you enough how much I LOVE YOU!! muaks.... Looking forward to yours!!

  5. Re: Thank you thank you!!
    hahaha! i love you too silly girlie!! all worth it! *hugs*


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