Wednesday, October 14, 2009

this weekend, the mischief i've been up to..

... took two long naps to catch up on post-wedding fatigue!
... straightened out my wardrobe and sent bags of old clothes to salvos.
... baked some awesome choc chip muffins with yummy fudge icing!
... indulged in a HUGE brekkie at one of our fav. brunch places. their baked egg is amazing!
... visited the camping shop at velocity twice. and chalked up some majorly cool winterwear.
... watched re-runs of so you think you can dance! so so inspired!
... climbed bukit timah hill as training for our next newest adventure in kota kinabalu!
... dusted my pink skates & took out for a whirl.
... took grampies out on a dinner date to their all time favorite restaurant. we've been visiting them twice a year since i remember! but no one gets sick of their crabs!! hmmmmm...

completely recharged & happy! :)

p.s. to make up for my-birthday-with-no-cake, daniel came up with a hare-brain scheme to make up for it. this is the deal! i will receive one surprise cupcake each day until his pack of candles run out. its really fun cos the candles are in little alphabets so its like playing hangman! i got "I" and "B" so far!!

see you next year, sexy abs!!


  1. I love D's idea for you :)
    Glad you had a nice time.
    Our friends are trying to get us to get hooked onto You think you can dance :P I have to admit - it IS good.

  2. sugar overload! which explains why i needed to do some exercise!!
    SYTYCD is awesome!! so inspiring!! i have a theory! tell me if you agree after you watch enough of it!! i think the modern contemporary dancers always gets the upper hand because they have classical training yet their movement is not too restricted and is adaptable to other styles!!!

  3. Well that I agree! I used to dance hiphop and honestly it's easy to do hiphop than classical or modern dance. And such dancers are usually flexible and yes, adaptable. :)

  4. and here i am griping and blaming mum that i've never been exposed to cool dance (like funk & hiphop) when i was little!!


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