Monday, October 19, 2009

this is not a "who wore it better" post.


i think daniel has NO clue what happened for that entire episode because each time blair came onscreen, i would shriek so loudly "OMG!!! I TOTALLY HAVE THIS DRESSSSSS!!!" and chuck bass is looking sexier than ever!! *faints*

gossip girl is baaaaack!! :)


  1. Haha oh gosh where do you get your GG episodes from???

  2. me too!! sometimes i get really angry and vanessa & dan BUT chuck makes EVERYTHING better! :)

  3. from the internet! the new season aired in the states in mid sept! :)

  4. i especially like the back of this dress! (cant see from picture) but its frilly to the waist and backless!! :) :)

  5. wow backless! i heart backless dresses!

  6. Hi, I stumbled upon ur blog from janice's blog... And I really like ur diy entries:)
    by the way, I love that dress! Where did u manage to buy it from?! :)
    - hui ling

  7. oh hai!! :) thanks for reading. i got mine from topshop in singapore but that was more than year ago. they're sold out now.
    but you can get blair's from Walter in Bluefly!
    happy shopping! :)


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