Monday, October 26, 2009

out with the bush!

i've an obsession with threading! i think its the most awesome skill! how in the world do you epilate using a piece of string!! its just like magic! i like how fuss-free and pain-free the entire process is!!

i've tried plucking and waxing but threading is my no. 1 choice!

well.... last weekend, i hatched a brilliant plan involving someone else's brow!! :)

tadah! check that out!!

im not sure he is a convert because apparantly it really hurts! (duuude! you have no idea what else girls go through! *woah*) but its so neat and becoming! and barter himself another 30 mins in the apple store! so everyone went home very very happy! :)

if any other dudes are keen to try some brow restructuring, browhaus does a great job, girls and boys alike! :)

501 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place
Tel: 67320070


  1. heh im with browhaus too! i love their thread&tweeze!!

  2. i've done their threading only! i love how there are everywhere! its so convenient to book in a appointment regardless of where i am in town! :) :) :)

  3. did you get a package with them?

  4. no.. unfortunately not! i pay each time i go because i dunno when/how long i will be still hanging around singapore..

  5. i see. share with friends?
    i think their packages are valid for 2 years or something for 12 sessions.

  6. the thought was to share with daniel!!
    but fingers crossed he wants to do it again. he is currently still wincing that the upper eyelid hurts. WUSS!!!!

  7. its freaking painful lah~~ i teared when the threadist did my brows!

  8. hahaha!! maybe im over-tweezed. it doesn't hurt anymore!~
    thanks for your suggestion, sweets! i will definitely check if they're ok if i share the package with someone else. i found a friend that's looking to share too! :)

  9. Oh, I tried to get my bf to do something about his brows for a LONGGGG time but to no avail!!! Well done you!

  10. persistence, babe!! (and some hardcore bargaining!!)
    good luck with matt! i don't undersand why they don't see it goooood for them!

  11. hehe i just had to post the link to the time i brought edgar to thread our brows in little india-
    never seen him wince like that every again!

  12. hahaha!!! :) thats hilarious! great minds think alike! :)
    if i had a spare hand, (and your amazing eye for photography), i should have totally taken pictures. instead i was holding his hand and eyelid for him like he was removing his wisdom teeth or sumthing! *sigh*


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