Thursday, October 15, 2009

late night out with the girlies (and boys of course)

short catch up with the darlings over sweets at cheeky chocolate, which for some weird reason, i keep calling it chunky monkey! their speciality, cold chocolate drink, reminds me a lot of our Serendipity treat in NYC! yummy but very very indulgent!

deaf had heaps of pictures to share from a recent work trip. to milan. for fashion week. how lucky right?? im struck with wanderlust. im in need of a REAL vacation!! a little bit of exploring, a little bit of getting lost and a whole lot of shopping. but we're tied till the end of this year in travel and leave.. maybe next year!!

rest of the evening in pictures!

mmmmm.. so good..

little trinkets from H&M!! a pinch of fierceness! :)

and one for the road! (urm..thanks dick!)


  1. wow babe, where is this beautiful place? all of you still look so stunning, like old uni days :) pls send my regards to deaf and dick

  2. i will! :) that place is just a little dessert joint, cheeky chocolate near thomson road!! you should check it out!

  3. ya man! check out the icecream & generous serving of fudge!
    my no. 1 kitchen appliance in my future home is a waffle maker!! im obsessed with waffles!

  4. too much fudge is very gelak wan.
    heh, are you guys moving back to sg??

  5. agree.. but so so good!!
    i don't think we're moving back so soon.. but we don't know where next! thats one of the things we'll have to think about over christmas!

  6. haha, careful of a sore throat!!
    sg has got all the food and convenience and your parents and family and friends =)

  7. ya right... we're so torn but its definitely one of our long-term options!! meanwhile, we wanna see (and live around) the world!! :)

  8. hope it works out, man!!
    meanwhile, all those reason you listed are still holding us tightly to singapore.. which is the main reason why we fly home so so often! haha!! :)

  9. quite cheap to come home right?? :)


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