Friday, October 16, 2009

dearest kate spade,

i feel like we need to talk.

i love your bags. always have been a fan. especially the quirky ones! so me! but the classic leather ones are best for work. says "im-play-pretending-im-a-grown-up." perfectly! i'll even consider having babies to own more of your roomy babybags! and wicker-basket ones, can't hold much but perfect for a picnic. and those gorgeous clutches in oh-so-happy colours.. delicious! oo i also love your keychains & purses! makes perfect presents. i totally understand that you flown a long way from NY hence the crazily inflated prices in singapore. im ok with all that.

but your shoes so far, ok only. cute but aldo has my heart. sometimes nine west too.

so why in the world did you come up with such ridiculously cute shoes?

please stop, won't you?


p.s. oh by the way, can you please send those to singapore. my one-month shoe hiatus is almost over(!!). thank you very much.


  1. nice!
    sg nvr sell??
    buy from neiman marcus etc la.. hehe

  2. so far, i've only seen it on and they don't accept international credit card.. *drumming fingers*

  3. super cute and perfect for the holidays!!

  4. hey i checked them out for you here in HK...honestly, up close, they look a bit...tacky. i think it's because the sequins are all a bit too OTT, and the giant bow in front is mahoosive...just looks a bit wrong lah...

  5. thanks for checking!! but awww really??? in that smallish icon (thats the size on the website!) it looked fun and sparkley like tinkerbelle's shoes!!
    thanks for the heads up! i think you saved a few hundred buckeroos! :)

  6. yeah bit of a shame, they looked GREAT in the photo which is why i went to check 'em out in real life! they're a bit "ge-tai" shoes, if you get my drift. on the other hand, there is a pair of black suede platform heels with a bright fuschia bow in the front which are deeeelish...i know they're probably not as Tinkerbell as you'd hoped, but they still make for great dress-up shoes! they should be on the website too.

  7. thats super cute too! :) thanks for the heads up!


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