Sunday, October 18, 2009

cos not everyday is about rainbows, lollipops and pumpkin pies..

im not one suited for adversity. or any type of change. which is probably the reason why i live my life completely planned to the exact details. sue me for overplanning but i like to think that everything has its plan and purpose, so plan ahead.

i once sent my family on a vacation and type an email with notes and reminders so long they would have landed before they finish reading "please do not bring liquids. they dont serve food on plane. i would recommend toast box at terminal one. their bah-hoo toast is awesome but you cant bring coffee into departure gates so i will book the cab 15 mins earlier ar 0430hr so you can have a coffee stop.." (just for the records, the 4 very-well-travelled adults arrived safely, who expected that?! boy was i worried.)

anyway, back to why friday sucked.

i had a grand plan. which involved some dining and dancing. all that friday night's made of. but did not see us both dressed up (in our very rare not-flipflops) stranded with a broken down car.

so we tried to fix out car, fail. then got some dude to try jump start the car, got all messy & dirty, got a fair bit of attention because it broke up RIGHT in front of an endless cab line. then called the WHOLE world we knew for help but they either didn't get the call, forgot to call us back or called us 5 hours later. had long-drawn conversation with the tow trucker if CITI is spelt with a "C" for CAT or for COPY!!** wah lao, uncle!! seriously! all of the above actions taken by daniel. the entire time, i was completely mad at urm.. the car and stared offensively at the urm.. car, throwing in random suggestions like "maybe we were not fated to dance tonight." then daniel sent me shopping to calm the nerves. ya. im such a happy helper and such a delightful partner, right?

we emptied the car and lumbered, in the most glamourous way we know how, into some really yums italian place, which made me feel much much better. n there daniel was all grubby & sweaty after a long day of work, bit of manly car repairs, with half his office bit and bobs on the floor of some random restaurant and his bberry still buzzing off the hook. yet he was all HUGE cheshire grins, funny stories and upbeat attitude. 

so. maybe things don't always go according to plan. but im so thankful some (much) more important un-planned things fell in place the way it did.. so maybe friday didn't suck that bad.

** just for kicks, we figured tow-trucker's question was if "C" was for CAT or KOPI. *faints*


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