Monday, October 26, 2009

can't help it but i thought of you! :)

i have a very beautiful friend who is an amazing dancer. correction. i have very many friends who are beautiful dancers but this one is special. and everybody knew! we'd all be in one line and the choreographer would always pick her as lead.

while the rest of the danceworld gets hoity-toity when they score lead roles, she gets sad and jealous because she can't share rehearsal schedule as us, the corp de ballet, and can't share the same laughs & jokes. she'd get special VIP change rooms (just left of the stage) because she'd have more costume changes but half the time, she'd rather be holed up in our crammy change room and do up her make up with us. told you she's a special one.

in one of my all-time favorite pieces, she had this huge ass peacock tail as a prop. despite the cumbersome nature of the tail, she's shimmy and prance across the stage with such grace. she looked gorgeous, and regal and beautiful!! i reckon this grand piece of furniture was inspired by her.

anyway its her birthday this week and there is nothing more i'd like to do than to take her out for an indulgent high tea and fuss over girly things, manicures and make-up. but since im so darn far, i'll send my oodles of love through hugs and a huge IOU when i come home! :) 

happy birthday, my love! you are always my leading lady, huifen! :)

amazing chair by victoria fang, from here.


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