Friday, October 2, 2009

birthday love

my birthday this year was absolutely lovely. nothing fancy at all.  it sucked a little that i wasn't right with my family but we did our best by being on the phone and video-chatting throughout the day! facebook & sms-s also helped.

my mum gave me a ring i've had my eye on for a while. its really cute and mum thinks its a classic and "perfect for (her) princess". it has five tiny pearls lined up across the band and is really pretty. you could stare at it in all direction and it shows off a soft pretty pink sheen and i love it. we're waiting for my ring to arrive from hongkong cos my fingers are too skinny so meanwhile, you'll have to live with a description!

this year, i turn 27. im officially no longer mid-twenty-ish. i landed myself right smack in category of late twenty but for the first time, i actually feel older. not wiser and all that comforting things that come in a hallmark card.. but plain older. i secretly bought myself miracle eye creams & youth-promising magic stuff to make me feel better. *tsk* such are girlie insecurities...

daniel took me to our favorite japanese restaurant for dinner, izakaya.

i already know this year will be special and hold exciting changes. and i can't wait to explore each of these new challenges. this year, i want to truly enjoy the smaller things in life, be a little more spontaneous, bake more and drift a little off my usually very very well-mapped path. try something new, take (well-measured) risks and be a more generous person.

boy! am i excited! i already have my first spontaneous, untypically-zhing adventure on the books!! hmm.. what a oxymoron! :)

ooo!! thanks for the birthday wishes, my friends! im so so blessed in your company! :)

p.s. i know and no longer feel like princesszhing is very age appropriate. but i do not share the same creativity as my parent when it comes to name-calling. so i'll just stick to that for now till inspiration strikes!


  1. happy birthday dearie!!!
    yeah, ditto with the non-age-appropriate nicknames. i don't think nanaprincess is very age appropriate either, but really, who cares as long as we are treated like princesses, right? heh heh...
    have a great one! =)

  2. aww you're so cute... and so young!

  3. thanks love! :)
    totally agree with you!! but it doesn't make me less embarrassed when anyone asks for my yahoomail address *blush* i feel like a old-lian trying to squeeze into neon miniskirt. *sigh*

  4. happy birthday :)
    hey babe-
    didn't know that you had a livejournal account! i read through quite a bit of backlog and loved looking at ur pics and reading ur stories :)
    funny to see ur l'le bros all grown up, but your parents looks exactly the same! :)
    p/s: mind if i link u on my blog? :D
    trish xx

  5. Re: happy birthday :)
    thanks babe!! you blog is super cute too! link away!! :)
    im excited that i'll be seeing you over christmas! i hope melbourne is treating you well!

  6. hey gal, happi happy birthday, stay young!

  7. Re: happy birthday :)
    I am loving Melbourne!
    Be sure to let me know when you are in town, let's have a double date and take heaps of photos :)
    Trish xx

  8. happy belated birthday!
    p.s.: you can be a princess for as long as you like...forget age appropriateness! nothing cuter than a little 60-year-old lady with a pink tiara and a wide smile :)

  9. thanks babe!! :) hoping the SKII eyecream is going to help me to! :)

  10. Re: happy birthday :)
    sure thing sweets!! :)

  11. happy belated birthday babe! =)


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