Saturday, September 19, 2009

wedding stuff: bouquet

ooo i love this real wedding on martha stewart!! its so happy and pretty and full of DIY goodness! she also has a cutesy etsy store retailing the most adorable accessories!! im extremely gifted in finding 101 things that i don't need but absolutely NEED to own.

isn't this beautiful!! i love it! i saw her bouquet months ago floating on blogsophere (im calling dibs!!) but just saw her feature in Martha Stewart and fell in love with the ENTIRE wedding. can we pretty please get married in Prospect Park in Brooklyn? or anywhere in New York  New York!!! everything/one looks so happy and cute! and i love that they rode bicycles check out the feature here!  

talking about magazines, in the fashion/lifestyle category, i vote glamour USA my all time favorite. recent crushes, cosmo girl & vogue girl. local mags.. i like cleo, but prolly cos i get the kick out of seeing my cutesy friend in it! as for wedding mags, martha stewart my all time favorite but i've started obsessively collecting wedding style guide from down under. i spend insane amounts buying them monthly. drop a note if im missing out on a good one! :)

in other news!! its friday!! and we're getting ourselves in wedding/weekend mood!! we have three bad-ass weddings to attend/work for this week!! and man! we can't wait. we're going to have a cook in this evening with all the food in our fridge, whatever we can find!! (otherwise, we're gonna bin it! cos we won't be back for a week!!!!), maybe split some bubblies, get massages and blast dancey music while we pack our luagges for singasingapourrrr! :) 

have a lovely one, girlies! :)


  1. *hugs* welcome home babes! i think weddingstar's pretty good too! erm...not easy to get in sg but i caught sight of them at borders =)

  2. canada i think...

  3. Eeps! This is scary to me cos I'm terrified of butterflies. I don't mind look at them if they are in a glass box or something. LOL.

  4. ah!! thanks babe.. i will get a copy and check it out!

  5. isn't it?! and not fussy like some flowers! i can leave it in the sun the whole day and it will look the same!

  6. but they're fake!! they won't fly/attack you, promise! ;)


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