Tuesday, September 22, 2009

on monday...

daniel made it to first page of straits times! :) :) :) 

where's wally daniel?

busted!!! the husband checking out some cute bride's ass while the other photographer/videographers were diligently snapping away!!

we were there attending a gf's ROM! (yayy!) the date was 20-9-2009 and apparantly an auspicious date in the chinese calender so in celebration of the botanic garden's anniversary, they planned a wedding for 168 couples!! boy was it an eye-opener! we've never ever been to a mass wedding so it was our first! but give that there were so so many people there, they did a pretty good job at there were so so many brides in poofy gowns, tinkerbelle miniskirts, crazy hair, sparkley make-up. never thought i'd say it but completely OD'ed my bridal quota for one day.and being the doofus we were waiting at the WRONG pavillion for the WRONG couple! and had to break into a sprint to make it to her pavillion just in the nick of time! did i also mention the last time i ran, it was urm.. 10 years ago in JC!!?!

but the weather was really pretty in the evening and we walked around poking our noses into other people's tents, shared some candy floss and took some happysnaps of our sweaty backs!!! :) wish we had the dogs with us. they'd have had a BALL! :)


  1. LOL. I didn't realise it was him there!

  2. hmmm, where exactly is your man? my eye sight must be really really bad...

  3. he is on the left hand side, in white shirt and berms!! don't worry, not your eyesight! he is only 5mm tall in the actual picture! hahahaha....

  4. i can't believe you could actually spot him.. I had to enlarge the photo pretty big

  5. he stood out in his white shirt!!! hahah!!


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