Friday, September 18, 2009

living in phnom penh: bonn pchum ben

did you know that cambodia has (26) public holiday? thats a whole lot, right? i think we only get (12) in singapore each year!! next time we want to work in a place with A LOT of PHs! our next stop is israel (34) or india (32)!!

anyway... its public holiday today in cambodia! they are commemorating the spirits of the dead.. my interpretation is something like qi yue (chinese: ghost month) but everyone is crowded around temples in town today and street hawkers are pushing carts full of jasmine & lotus flowers. i took a walk in the morning near home to check it out! bustling with activity from 7am onwards with everyone dressed up in their heavily embroidered lace tops and fine silkery, holding incense, offerings and rice.. i felt like an outsider in my street clothes & camera so i lingered around for a brief moment before respectfully backing off to run my errands. read more about the festival here!

in other news, we manned up and booked our singapore wedding venue! weehee! one little tick in our encyclopedia of wedding to-dos!! toodles! more about it later! :)

oo! im visiting the office today!! when we were little, dad sometimes gave mum a weekend off from babysitting us and brought us into the office to hang out with him. ok.. we hung out and he worked. we'd play with his cool automated window, eat chips, drink coke, sit in forklifts, shred paper, leave crayons and mess all over the floor! it was a ball! so much adult fun!!  well, nothing's changed. im still drinking coke, eating chips and leaving crafty mess on the husband office floor. now, if you'd excuse me, where is their paper shredder!! 

happy pchum ben, peeps.


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