Wednesday, September 30, 2009

crafty finds: papermarket

one thing i love the most about singapore is how fast things change. everytime we come home, there is a new mall opening, a new highway, a faster route home or a new eatery. anyone driving past ECP will agree with me that even the cityscape changes every single day!! this week home, between work and catching up with friends, i found out that my ultimate favorite store on earth, sephora, is in town! *whoops*

i love this place to bits! there is not one sephora i've walked into and not come out with sexy black bag full of little things i never knew i needed!! it reminds me of dress-up time when i was little and snuck into mum's bedroom to spritz her new parfum, poke my eyes with her mascaras and swish her lucious makeup brushes with pretty colours! in the world of sephora, there are always newer and yummier scents, fiercer sky-high mascaras and a truckload of creams that promise you the world! im a sucker like that and daniel is a very very lucky man that we don't live near a sephora.

i also caught up with busybee, , over dumplings and she brought me to a store "im sure zhingey will like." oh man was she right!! sitting snuggly in the basement of raffles city, papermart is "oooo heaven is a place on earth". literally! we combed down the aisles for hours, wowing over pretty paper, crazy stickers & all sorts of little knick-knacks that will make your art more beautiful!! (seeing some trend here?) and one of my major weaknesses, after shoes and cupcakes, is fine stationery. so we spent HOURS in there. im serious! we almost didn't get dinner cos they were closing! *yikes*

and because now im a proud member of papermarket, a obvious sign that im WEAKWEAKWEAK in the face of temptation..., im sure i'll be back!!

welcome! welcome to crafty paradise!

my latest obsession - pomanders! they have party packs of DIY pomanders from martha stewart! with amazing colours and very nicely scalloped edges!!

and these uber-neat lace punches!! i've been scouting for it online for ages! so love!

a little nook in the shop for classes! im not a scrapbooker and i use my wares for wedding/decor stuff but their scrapbooking classes are awesome! i took one last year at their other store - laine's papeterie and had a ball! their teachers are very sweet and creative!

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

picture credits to this amazing scrap-blog. check out her inspiring scrappies and her  adorable son! we were too busy shopping to whisk out out the cammy!


  1. Happy barfdae
    Hey love.
    Happy birthday!
    Wishing you the sweetest things tt life could offer. This includes shoes, cupcakes and fine stationery as you've mentioned. Ha. You silly bookshop aunty.
    You might also love this stationery/scrapbooking joint at PS.
    Missed you again. Tsk!

  2. Re: Happy barfdae
    i miss you too! hahah what sort of sophisticated bookshop does your school have!! :) thanks for bday wishes! :)

  3. Re: Happy barfdae
    PS stands for Plaza Singapura, love. Not my school. Ttz a hole. Ha.

  4. thanks for dropping by at blog :)
    cool blog you have here!

  5. Re: Happy barfdae
    HAHAHA!!! :) ok.. i've obviously been away from sinapore for wayyy too long!! :)

  6. thanks heaps! :) so do you!! i wished im half as creative as you!


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