Saturday, August 22, 2009

our wedding: lunches with the bunchies (and my dress)

ooo thanks guys for the love and emails! :)  so love! it makes blogging super fun!

i've received so many questions on the dress i wore. it so deserves an entry of its own!! but anyway, the dress & drop earrings are from dang bridal! daphne & dang are the best. their attention to detail is amazing. every single time i leave their beautiful shop, i am seriously happier. right to my last day! :) their bridal dresses are even more awe-inspiring. if you're getting married, visit them!

to be very frank, i had my reservation about having a gown. way back in march, i already decided on being the cool bride w/o a proper dress. and even after deaf told me i look like a 2 year old at her birthday party, i couldn't care less. i wanted it to be casual, i wanted to be comfortable and be able to EAT in my dress. but long story short, when i tried on this dress, alive and kicking, it was daniel's reaction that changed my mind. he told me "wow! you look beautiful". a little cheesy but true to god, i've gotten "nice", "cute outfit", "very you!", "ok, for a change" out of this man but NEVER "beautiful" so i took the plunge. but this is the LAST form-fitting dress im ever wearing, my wedding dress will be flowy and loose. and 'cuse me gentlemen. there is NOTHING sexy or beautiful about trying to shimmy into a girdle. so there!

this, however, is the dress that ALMOST made the cut!

its really twirly and cute!! and i love it still!!

the entire wedding party then bounced to da paolo at chipbee, our fav pizzeria in singapore! it was everything we wanted. to have a fun and cosy lunch with everyone. AND i got to drink sparkling grapefruit juice at my wedding! that was a definite winner! everyone liked it more than a regular buffet line or set menu! we all played seat roulette and tried different pizzas! it was a blast! :)

i love this picture of mum & dad.

shaun & carol!

my new mum & dad! poor daniel is so not used to sharing!! :)

beautiful beautiful chelsin! :)

us and our girls!!

the boys!

awwww.. shanny! how i love your purple dress! :)

song-a-doodles.. and we didn't get a good shot of us and our brothers together! *blah*

my baby boy giving me kisses..

daniel's little girl.


  1. Breathtaking
    The first picture positively took my breath away. It looks like something right out of a fashion catalogue doin a piece on some mystical fairytale-princess story. Kudos to the photographer and the stars in the picture who made it possible.

  2. Re: Breathtaking
    cute right my dress!? haiyar should have stuck to my guns and kept the tutu dress on! it was definitely more me! :)
    babe, received your msg on the "up and running" blog! :) good job!

  3. janice, meet our babies, pokki & mocha! :)

  4. SO cute! i'm sure Rosco and Sally would LOVE them :)

  5. your wedding photographs are amazing babe

  6. thank you muchie, babe!
    the last bunch are from joan leong photography but these random lunch ones were taken ourselves. :)

  7. I can't believe how gorgeous your pre-wedding was, it made my jaw drop! So sunny and cheery and gorgeous :) Congrats hon!

  8. thank you so much!! welcome back, babe!!
    i cant wait to read about your wedding and honeymoon! :)

  9. I so LOVE petticoat skirt!
    Hi Princess Zhing!
    I am planning for my 10th wedding anniversary next year.
    Your outfit in the first pic was such a inspiration on what to wear.
    Would you be so kind as to mention where it is from and how much? And if its bought overseas, is there a dresshop in Singapore can sells or maybe can come up with a duplicate?

  10. Re: I so LOVE petticoat skirt!
    hihi triz!
    thanks for popping by! of course happy to share!
    my yellow pettiskirt is a vintage piece from japan but i've seen it from ratbagprincess ( in australia. you can order it online. someone in singapore carries it in a push cart in vivocity but in children sizes. if you're my size (UK size 8), you need a L(above kneelength) and XL for (kneelength)! good luck!

  11. thanks princesszhing!
    appreciate the info. two questions.
    1. Did you see the push cart in vivo city selling the pettiskirts recently?
    2. How does one go about making the pomander balls? so so so cute!!! love it to bits.

  12. hi triz,
    1. no, don't live in singapore so it has been a while.. maybe around may?
    2 email me at tzeying(at)gmail(dot)com? i wrote a quite tutorial for pearlyn and am happy to send to you as well. its a lot of fun to make.

  13. hello! sorry butting in. i love your wedding tons! I served on over after you left a comment over at and being wedding crazy, I've been reading and reading!
    re the tutu skirts you saw, the seller is actually She imports them from Princess Ratbag from Oz. :)

  14. thanks thanks! and thanks for visiting!! it was fun setting up my own wedding. it really feels different! :)
    and i will email trish to let her know about the stall!! :)


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