Wednesday, August 26, 2009

mum's travel notebook

we love house guests!! mum's in town this week and we've had so much fun taking her to our favorite hangouts! we have also been indulging in daily massages to sooth our achey bodies from too much cycling, shopping and too little yoga.

i stitched together this little notebook cover for mum last night with my favorite craft material. it was so much fun working on it i think this won't be my last! the drama-mama bling buttons are my latest finds from the local markets! the bejewelled pins come in packs of (12) in the craziest colours!!

we hope you fill it with many many more lovely travel tales, ma! we can't wait to share them with you! :)


  1. wah i love the shades of green u used! Ur so good with your hands!

  2. teehee!! i love working on crafts like that!! :) sense of satisfaction when its done!

  3. Lovely! Color is unique!
    Btw, I've added you because I love your cheery posts :)

  4. i love it too! mum picked it cos she said it stands out in her purse! :)
    sure thing babe! i'll add you in return as well! :) :)


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