Monday, August 10, 2009

hi! i've been busy..

temple trooping with the baby brothers..


  1. :)
    I LOOOOVE THIS PIC dear !!!! :)

  2. Re: :)
    haha! :) it was a lot of fun to take!!

  3. we're so silly when we're together, right? :)

  4. How many takes did it take?? :P Or is it perfect first take due to practice? Heh

  5. You've been missed!
    It's been a while. I know. Missed ya tons.
    Anyhoo updated myself with what's been happenin in ur life.
    Congrats should be in order!
    Officially a MRS eh. Sweet.
    So where ya troopin around?

  6. my dad has this awesome camera that takes up to 7 shots per sec so this is the best shot in the lot! :)
    my brothers are surprisingly acrobatic!

  7. Re: You've been missed!
    hi babe... i've miss you too! where have you beeen!! and what have you been up to!! we're still in phnom penh, cambodia!!

  8. Re: You've been missed!
    Here and there. Ended 5 week practicum in school & now back to NIE. Bah. I still prefer school to teaching any day! Life's pretty bland nothin huge goin on.
    You fly there pretty often eh? Let me know when you're back & we'll organise a meet.

  9. Re: You've been missed!
    yes i love!! we must!! actually i live in phnompenh most of the time now.. do you still blog? i miss hearing about your adventures and motorcycles. you're my most happening friend! :)
    *hugs* good luck in school babycakes!

  10. Re: You've been missed!
    Ur friends reading your reply might just pelt you with stones for sayin I'm your most happenin friend. But to me, it's a huge compliment.
    Oh so you do live there most of the time. Pity. Looks like I gotta take a plane down to meet ya then. ha. Ttz an excuse for a holiday.
    The blog's still active but I ain't. Hardly have time to squeeze that in or I am just plain Lazy! No promises, but I'll try. When I do, I'll holler.
    P.S: No motorcycles yet. Maybe this time next year.

  11. Re: You've been missed!
    hahah yes! come visit!!
    my home is always always yours. then you can meet the dude which you encouraged me to send "lemon and honey" to. i owe you BIG BIG time !:)

  12. Lemon & Honeeee
    You don't owe me at all.
    It's all you, Zhingy baby and him of course.
    Glad things worked out for the best.


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