Friday, August 21, 2009

feeding the baby

taking a short break from wedding buzz & taking about real-life. *blah*

daniel & i match up quite evenly in most aspects but the one reason i married him was his salt intake. he is the only guy that sprinkles extra salt on his fries!! FACT! but both of us are extremely picky eaters and there are some fundamental differences in our dietary preferences. im all about my vegetables and he is a carnivore. so in the past few months, the lack of decent fresh produce in cambodia has left our eating has been rather patchy. our daily diet consisits of instant noodles and garlic toast. yayy for me but poor dude is reduced to bones!

last sunday, after his rather disappointing half marathon (btw, that's in his terms. i think anyone that can wake up at 5 is a winner. wake up at 5am, and move your legs makes you my hero...) mum commented that he is looking skeletal and that i should make sure he gets his daily intake of red meat. MY MUM! when did marriage allocate me the task of nutritionist?! SERIOUSLY! WHOSE SIDE IS SHE ON? didn't hear her telling him to grill me my greens or in[info]pishako's style - double-broil me some bird's nest!! :) obviously, daniel is extremely pleased and thinks my mum is the bomb.

anyway, since daniel's mum is touching down in pp in right about urmm.. 1 hour, i made some last minute attempt to bulk him up. short of cracking two raw egg into his cereal, this is what i've been force-feeding him in the last 24 hours.

dinner on wed: pork & leek gyoza
supper on wed: CHIPS! truckload of kettle chips!
breakfast on thu: bah-hoo & garlic toast (for that extra boost of MEAT!)
snack on thu: CHIPS! more barbeque chips!!
lunch on thu: char siew wonton mee.
tea on thu: karaage
dinner on thu: spanish tapas at pacharan

my first attempt at grilling charsiew! yippee! :) recipe from here.

home made karaage! turned our really yummy! all i need to do is up the salt a little in the batter!! next time, i'll pair it with japanese curry for a meal!

to both mamas, if you're reading this. i've tried my best.

update: FAIL.. mum said to daniel minutes after meeting him.. "baby, have you been eating". ahh! wife-guilt. but now she is cutting fruits and churning up yummy pinoi dishes for us. yippee!!


  1. was he back for the army bay run? why was it disappointing? i'm sure he must have rocked it!

  2. yes, the safra half marathon!
    in fairness, he has not been keeping up with the training in phnom penh so his timing was almost 30mins off his P.B. But he got really bent out of shape when he got overtaken by an older auntie. reality check!
    haha... he, and im sure everyone in AAA, takes the races very very seriously..

  3. Looks yummy!! Wish I have half your cooking skills ;)

  4. hahah! if only! :) i was just winging. one hand on stove, one hand troubleshooting on the laptop!

  5. your cooking skills have improved greatly!!
    THe food looks really good. and your charsiew looks lovely!! =)
    So does that mean that you can whip us a meal the next time we have a gathering (hopefully at my new place)?

  6. hahah will see! i still pale in comparison to you! :)

  7. Ooh! The char siew looks delish! It's the slightly charred black sauce type!

  8. beginner's luck!! :) but those are my fav. bits!! so i threw it under the salamander for a few minutes just to char it a little more!


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