Monday, August 3, 2009

completely. addicted.

very many years ago, when me and christabel were still "jiak kan tang" roomies (translated: eat potatoes in hokkien, reference to out poor mandarin skills) we had the time of our lives. we were 15 mins away from our parents, free to have supper at ANY time of the night and could use the internet 24/7! it was the bomb. but that didn't stop us from getting completely sucked into the deep dark abyss of Meteor Garden.

It was insane. we shared a box set, took turns to skip class so we can watch it concurrently on our laptops, there might have been some tears, some sappy boyband posters and till today, i can still urm.. hum their tunes. okay okay.. i admit. i still know the lyrics and dance moves by heart.

we successfully got our equally "jiak kan tang" friends hooked. carol obsessed over zaizai for YEARS, qian spent sleepless nights and caught up with us and dick was compulsively attached to her computer for days. i was the most proud when deaf finally gave in to it a few months later. it was our biggest feat in uni. good times! :) 

but then i grew up, gave away my box sets, tossed out posters and moved jerry yan's pictures into a private secret folder in my computer.

just very recently, i promised gushing carol i would get her "boys over flowers" box set from cambodia. ppheff! korean drama. the exact same story "F4" meets less affluent but fiesty girl story. whatever. but i thought i better be responsible and test each disk and maybe just watch the first episode so i can laugh at some lame adaptation of my glorious past. BIG BIG MISTAKE.

as my very discreet title suggests.. im COMPLETELY ADDICTED. again! seriously though... i was embarrassed. so i watch it silently when daniel is surfing the internet and doing random house chores. but peer pressure got the better of him and how, he is also a fan! *yayyyy*

and just to distract you from what losers we are.. hottie alert!

we're having the most ginormous crush on Han Chae-Young.

gosh! i so want this as my wedding hair! hawt!


  1. im watching this as well, and so hooked!

  2. ahhhh 流星花园 was my teenage addiction too! As guilty as Gossip Girl indulgence I had for a while! Eeps! :P

  3. don't remind me, im just as addicted to american tv. its just that im all caught up with greys and gg! *sigh*

  4. its hilarious cos i've watch the entire series before and i know the story! doesn't stop me though!

  5. cute!!
    hehe....I have watched this too...Who's your fav from F4???

  6. hahaha i remember the times we watch the vcd at my place and pretended to have a "yan chang hui" swaying to the music with "light sticks"!!!

  7. Re: cute!!
    i like gu jun pyo!!! :) how about you???

  8. oh man! of course i remember!! those were good times!


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