Monday, August 24, 2009

back to my (hair) roots...

i've got the craziest head of hair. i was born with it.. *shoot daggers at my dad*

at its best moments, its wirey and crazy, unruly and massive in volume and yet completely flat at the top (very hainanese trait!). at 17, my very conservative dance teacher offered to pay for it to be rebonded. haha! i guess that said a lot. i've never achieved the japanese girl luscious supermodel curls i dream of daily! *grrr* but boy do i try!so i've been very experimental with my hair since i graduated from high school. i've had triangular perms (!)  board straight rebonds, babydoll fringe (badbad move..) crazy bleached colours, shapes and textures!!

its no wonder my hair is feeling (and looking) a little... tired.

in the spirit of letting things be, im going to colour it one LAST time back to my original colour!! in cambodia!!! YIKES! actually, im really freaking out...  wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck!!
    It is so true what they say about the hainanese flat head... It is my affliction too, what's worse is that both my folks are hainanese through and through, double whammy for me :(

  2. teehee!! it takes a hainanese to understand my hair woes!! *sad hi-5*

  3. i live by the flat hair part.. and i'm hainanese.. PURE!! never really related it to my dialect group until u brought it up.. sigh...

  4. haha! at least your hair is board straight all round. mine has a mind of its own!

  5. lol. I have gone through the bad hair phases too and the continous dyes!

  6. now my shiny black hair looks healthy but the quality of my hair is still much to be desired.
    any secret remedy???

  7. Not really. I use Tresemme hair masque twice a week and it has made my hair look softer and nice to touch. And I try to give myself time before heading out to let my hair dry on its own or I sit in front of a fan. lol.

  8. twice a week? i do my hair masks monthly! maybe thats the problemo!!!
    thanks love! hope all is well on your side of the world!


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