Thursday, August 27, 2009

about nienie

on top of cupcakes, bicycles and cartwheels on the beach, i love reading blogs. mostly happy blogs about weddings, fashions, girls, girls and their boys, food and design. but this entry is not about the happy ones. this one is different. this one blog really makes me sit up and ponder. about one year ago, stephanie was involved in a terrible plane crash and survived miraculously with burns all over her. i started reading her daily updates by her sister and was awestruck. i cannot imagine waking up a few months later finding life completely different. to find out that your babyboy does not recognise you anymore, you look completely different and have thousands of strangers around the world rooting for you, raising funds for your recovery.

stephanie is such an inspiration. the way she lives her life despite the pains and odds. the way she strifes to make life as wonderful for her husband (whose love is an inspiration itself). the way she holds her head up high and deals with daily life at home with her beautiful children. her optimism, her faith and her love! and even though i don't know her personally im rooting for her all the way in singapore. her stories made me grateful on numerous occasions and reminds me that you don't need a life-changing incident to cling tightly to the ones near and dear to us.

congrats stephanie, for making that magnificent climb on your anniversary! you are so brave.

i wish you well. always.

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  1. wow thanks for blogging about this... i'll be reading now too!


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