Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wedding stuff: qinning & jimmy

yippedoodles!!! :) we're married! and it was super fun! :) but i'll blog about it when i start getting my pictures! (girlies, send them through!!!)

meanwhile, i'll fill the space with more wedding excitement from my best friend qinning! we go way back to nanyang. we wore matching jeans, had friendship jewellery, the full works! and we'd ALWAYS be seen together, ECA, classes, tuition, group dates with our boys, post-school shopping but at the end of the day, we can still cling on to the phone and chat till midnight and write each other lovey dovey messages! amazing! :) i was so thrilled when she asked me to be one of her jiemeis! and even more amused that they were all nanyang girls from our year level but she got closer to in various points of her life!

i met her couple times leading to the wedding to help her out with little things here and there. but she is the most chilled out bride ever. she sorta goes "oh well, too late!" and let things go so easily! so unlike me! haha...

the beautiful couple at their marital home. this picture was taken for my mum who couldn't be there!! :) doesn't she look so happy and radiant? jimmy is a really lucky guy.

her girlies in purple. her talented sis, piggy, made all of us purple fascinators! i loved mine!! :)

absolutely love theresa's pout. she is the cutest! :) 

her actual day photographer was yuhsin and he got some really cute pictures of her!! :) i cant wait to see the entire set!!!

the couple again at shang with tg, who as usual did a fantastic job for her! :) i love her dress from kai!! isn't she beautiful!?

my bff! i loved the monique lhuillier's backless design on her fuscia pink cheongsam! :) 

the girls from 4/6 ! wow, we've come such a long way!! :)

and i finally broke into my shoes i got from new york (sigerson morrison for target! so it was a steal!!) almost one year ago. the inside of the shoe was purple metallic and really softy yet edgy with purple metallic stufs!!! it was perfect for the morning purple theme!! i likey!!! :) 

congrats, bestie! im glad you found jimmy, your new bff. (he called her that in their wedding speech. which is by far the cutest and most chopchop one i've heard!! it made me laugh.) the two of you are perfect for each other! and i've never seen you happier. not even when we found matchy little twin star singlets! *sigh* congrats, babe!! 

edit: professional pictures here! 


  1. Love your dress (cheongsum)! did you get it tailormade? :)

  2. yayy! thanks babe!! actually, my dad got it off the rack from shanghai as a freebie for buying two other embroidered ones!! her original price tag reads 150 RMB! :)

  3. Your shoes are cute!
    And Qinning looks so happy! :) Love her white dress too - I was seriously considering the same neckline in one of my dresses...

  4. its a cute twist to a regular bustier, isn't it?! and it gave her a chance to add some bling!
    show me your final pick!!! so grown up seeing each other in froufrou white wedding dresses *faints*

  5. Haha yes a far cry from the times of prancing around in skimpy lyrca costumes, heh. :P
    No pics yet! But will show in time :)

  6. skimpy lycra costume, bad make up and ridiculously uncomfortable headgear! (actually, not very different from the feathered headpieces im recently obsessed with..hmm)
    ok hon! :) cant wait!! when's your big day again?

  7. Haha, but definitely better makeup now too lah!
    21 September :)

  8. wow! thats super soon! let me know if you need help with anything! or contacts! im happy to pass them on to yoU! :) good luck babe!!

  9. Don't suppose you know any cheap and good florists (for church decor) and/or videographer? :)
    In the interest of time and mindspace, I can't be bothered with stickers for invites now! haha.

  10. ching from redbox is very good for bouquets and church. she is not the cheapest but i've seen her work. very nice! :)
    videographer range from $1500 onwards. if you want basic videography, you should ask for their associate's work. i like working with florence from meoworks and wedding paparazzi. if you're lookin to spend a little more, yang from substance films is an excellent choice! :)


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