Wednesday, July 22, 2009

travel stuff: arriving in reading!

so i don't coop myself up in my apartment blog surfing and napping the whole day away, i map out little adventures for each day.

today was a expat-y supermarket 15 mins away from home. it even had a website! and i was so darn impressed and excited but like all things in cambodia, not quite what you expect but if you dig deeeep, you can find a few gems here and there. it was ok, had an impressive baking section filled with fresh cream, sour cream, all sorts of flour and mixes. but the rest, so-so... at that proximity, i think i'll stick to my regular "lucky supermarket" for basics! chey... earlier this morning, i even told daniel it looked like an AMERICAN supermarket. what was i thinking, right?

anyway, moving on to more exciting things.. the family vacay!! 13 hours after ning's wedding, i touched down in heathrow airport. my first stop, reading! to visit my cousin and god-siblings! we got there just in time to watch their violin concert! it was so cute! domi even had his fake bowtie on! :)

so grown up she had huge blingy sunnies to match mine!

z, you remember when you used to teach her piano?

sibling love! :) it was been THREE whole years since we've been in the same continent! 

tengsy picked this red happy dress for me from the night market in phuket! doesn't he have super good taste? this dress is amazing though! after a few washes, it's potent enough to dye our towels pink! who wants pink towels, right? haha...

ma and all her children! that night, we turned the house upside down chomping on the last of my cousin's chips and snacks, watching CSI till midnight! way past everyone's bedtime! :)

oh and somewhere in between arriving, concerts, dinners and family stuff, we managed to squeeze in a little bit of shopping and scored this super cute teal green cocktail dress from warehouse!! the bodice reminds me of origami art!! i think i'll wear it to jerine's wedding dinner! weehee!! and bought a truck load of basics from primark, topshop and zara cos i packed so badly i didn't have suitable summerwear! bah! :) the very next morning, we loaded our luggages into the limo and left for scotland!!

more tomorrow!! im taking the baby to the clinic! yayy! day 2 and we're fully initiated into cambodia's shoddy medical system! wish us luck!


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