Friday, July 31, 2009

our wedding: wedding elves

the day leading to the party was crazy. the house was in a mess and everyone was assigned multiple tasks and given weird roles, military style. it was like a wedding production line and everyone took it very seriously. even my parents in law who flew into singapore on the red eye were dragged flower shopping and crafted the afternoon away. nazi-bride.

my creative ma dolling up the champagne glasses. she also constructed the entire canopy and most of my crafts.

my pops loving my scoring tool. this is minutes before he started calculating how many millimeters i had to re-align my placecard so they will balance evenly. (my dad is an engineer) i nearly died cos it was near 2am and i was getting bleary eyed.

dad and mum-in law stuffing the favours. dad stuck the "xi" upside down half the time. but we thought it was funny so left it as that! :) our favors were my yima's pineapple tarts! they are so yummy we couldn't wait till chinese new year!!

my brothers. *sigh*

my flower girls, melissa & jingerbelles. cuties those two.

brothers' version of some pre-wedding fun. good thing grandma didn't see it.. (oxford cheng is song's nickname.. long story...)

oops didn't get any pictures of daniel or deaf at work.. deaf arranged all of my centerpieces for my wedding dinner. they looked and smelt gorgeous!! great job babe! but seriously we owe these people a huge meal and a lifetime of hugs and kisses! they worked their butts off till dark and pulled everything together. so grateful that we are surrounded by these awesome people.


  1. want!!
    more pics-----pls pls?!?!? can't wait!! =)

  2. Re: want!!
    hahah!! soon babe! :) im waiting to get the professional pictures! :)

  3. aren't they? always thought im the only person that thinks so! :)


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