Tuesday, July 28, 2009

just another evening in the allender household.

Eleanor Roosevelt said "Do one thing every day that scares you."

i overcame my fear of first classes and unfamilarity. and i went for my first solo yoga class last evening at Nataraj yoga. the location is excellent, right behind champ elysees resto, few street away from home. i decided after procrastinating for days that this will have to be it. start of my new life in a new town, i have to build some me-time into the routine. so i cycled there in anticipation and signed up for level one yoga!

it was set on the rooftop against the backdrop of cambodia sky. nothing in phnom penh is particularly breathtaking. just that i've never seen the sun set that way. we breathed and stretched as the sky turned from yellow to orange to pinks, purples and then to a navy blue calmness. it was pure bliss. the yoga instructor was not pushy and very kind. he was also very humble in demonstration. not "look how its meant to be" but more like "this is the aim, we will all get there one day, look my backward roll is a little funny too" it made me laugh and try some of my few firsts in yoga. i will one day do a strong headstand.

then towards the end of class, we sat in meditation (which is a very weird concept for me) but just appreciating the calmness and a light soreness of my muscles sink in. life was perfect. i rode home in the drizzle to daniel who was waiting by the guard house. showered and had homemade pasta. a perfect evening.

c'est la vie. and boy, life is good.


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