Thursday, July 30, 2009

hotdogs and martinis.

so we had a quiet tv night in completed with hotdogs. we spiced things up a little and had martinis right out of our new sexy martini glasses. they are really sleek and hardy!! very bachelor pad-like but i love it! seriously though, hotdogs and martinis!? what a ghetto conbination, right?!

we watched season finale of CSI and Numbers. turned out to be quite unsettling episodes. cliff hangers and wonky incomplete mysteries..
*grr* so had to finish off the evening with some sweets and our favorite tv series of the mo - how i met your mother. (thanks deaf!) its awesome!!

p.s. we have the complete collection of the first 4 seasons and looking to share some laughs!! so if anyone wants to adopt it, drop me a note!!


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