Thursday, June 4, 2009

shoe love: christian louboutin

oooo i love these shoes (who doesn't right?) these lucious satiny darlings will add just a flirty touch to a cocktail dress, pair of jeans, pencil skirts, tulip skirts... oh hell, i think it would look fantastic even in my PJs..

and if i had all the money in the world, i would die to get married in them. my favorite of the Spring collection, the bottom-most pair of Mount Street T-Strap Sandals. actually, i think i will tell them to customize a pair for me with yellow fluff to match my tutu skirt. the operative word, obviously, is if i had all the money in the world..  but is not the case for now. (eeks, we have a killer mortage to babysit.) so i think for now, i'd have to settle for pressing my nose into their window and drooling at them from afar.

i actually loved it enough to start saving a stash for my wedding shoe fund.. (ie i was on a shoe hiatus for a very short while..) haha. hows that for dedication?

i just paid a regular visit to my doctor and she mentioned something we've been discussing for a while - the cervical cancer vaccine, which i approve of in theory because whoever the genius was deserves a medal. but the price tag and the number of times they need to poke holes in me was the main cause of procrastination.

so now im $500 poorer. i guess in theory, its more logical to get married with a healthy cervix and a peace of mind.

but aren't those the most glorious shoes??


  1. shoes n cervical cancer - in the same post!

  2. So have you completed your wedding shoe? the one we talked about? hee..

  3. not yet!!! i tried it on though and it fit to the T!!! except it wasn't THE perfect colour...
    *sigh* some people so hard to please...

  4. cancer is just too bleak to talk about on its own! :)


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