Wednesday, June 17, 2009

our wedding: stationery galore

i've lost my blogging mojo. 

only one culprit - work! 

but [info]lemonster , here you go!

ok before i get stones thrown my way, i already know im an obsessed bride. all our guests share our last names .. but no, had to send formal invites that matches each theme and mail them out old-fashioned way... even daniel got an invite in cambodia! *sigh* anyway, intially i'd wanted to have the invites professionally designed but with my super low guest count, no one would do it for me. so DIY it was! :)

the morning theme is bright, sunny and fun!! these neat double sided invites came in the cutest envelopes with matching inserts.. printed them at bras basah so we could get them on 250 gsm paper.

i still working on the bride & groom chair, dessert buffet, name tags and thank you cards.. i love the dots.. makes me happy! :)

our evening invite bit more urm.. traditional, as requested by mum. this is the brainchild of my beloved parents. mum came up with the visuals and the concept and dad executed it.

did i mention my mum is fantastic with jewellery so when you unclasp the card, you will find that it actually doubles up as a pair of earrings. perfect gift for the ladies because we requested them to come dress in cheongsam finery! :) what i great idea..

pops also designed the map of our venue (at the back side of the card), its very pretty and well designed! then he came up with the genius idea to scan the lace we bought and create a motif.. so we can apply it to:

our menu card and place card! :) so love!!!


  1. awesome stuff! The invites look really chic and cool. :) Happy for you ya. And hey I just realised that you know my secondary school friend, Huifen as well! :D

  2. pwetty!!!
    p/s: send me printer contacts too??!! pleaseeee???

  3. it's nice... u r such a whiz. :)

  4. hahah thanks babe.. all my mum's ideas!

  5. thanks babe..
    printer: canon 530! in my room!

  6. thanks! :)
    oh what a coincidence!! yes huifen, i love that girl. we dance together in our heydays..

  7. wow dear! it's gorgeous! :) lovely lovely lovely
    i am still so ever happy for u

  8. huhhh...but u said something abt bras basah wor~

  9. oops i thought you meant my home printer! :)
    their name is colourdots (i think..) at street level facing jacks place and the library! they were super nice and not too pricey too!! i'll take their name card the next time!

  10. Ok I seriously LOVE the menu and the earrings trinkets that come with the invitation!! WOOW Zhiying I love your ideas!!!!! GO BRIDE WOOOHOO!!! I miss your smiles!! xxx

  11. i knew i could count on you as my bridal cheerleader! :) thanks babe.. i know its good stuff if the compliment comes from you!
    oh! give me your mailing address!!!

  12. OH! did i also mention that daniel thought the menu looked like a garter belt... *sigh* men!!

  13. thanks honey! even the red is slowly growing on me!!
    thank you again. im very happy you found a little piece of heaven. have faith that more will come!! *hugs*

  14. wah love the invite n menu - very different feel but both gorgeous, n ur mom is super creative!

  15. wah, ur one creative bug! And congrates in advance!

  16. OMG did he really HAHHAHAHAAAA men for sure!! Yep bridal cheerleader is always there for a shout out! ;)
    Here is my mailing address:
    Marina Milic
    63 Henningroad Apt. #3017
    15437, Farmington, PA
    LOVE YOUxxx

  17. she is!! :) and i love how enthusiastic she is!

  18. okie! :) got it.. thanks babe.. something coming your way soon!


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