Tuesday, May 5, 2009

question: what shoes to wear?

i have a confession. im obsessed with my heels. the taller the skinnier the better. otherwise, i'd always be in my sloppiest flipflops.

but when it comes to travel, given our penchant for rented bicycle, all my heels and ballerina flats gives me blisters!! help! i just want something chic and comfy for colder weather. what do you wear?


  1. shoes
    1. check out the sketchers ballerinas they are more trendy and sporty but also quite girly!
    2. cute gladiator sandals (breezy, casual/chic~warmer weather)
    3. espadrilles! (obviously with a platform heel)!!

  2. Re: shoes
    oh gosh i love all three ideas!!! thanks my little fashionista! :)


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