Sunday, May 31, 2009

qian & suman visits the gumtree

our funniest friends visited some time ago. there is never a dull moment with these guys.

although no one could tell, we were putting on our best smiles. what a waste of effort. bah

we were worried we had not much to offer but they brought their own fun. some of the mischief we were up to:

1) visited the best restaurants and picked their fav -comme a la maison. we approve.  
2) ploughed through dusty streets in search for the best happy pizza
3) had a giggle when street kids couldn't leave the boy's hairy arms alone.
4) watch a whole bunch of cable tv & movies
5) treaded carefully through killing fields.. (yikes)
6) haggled our way down to $4 for some seriously sexy clothes... (great job, suman!)
7) ate a BAG of edamame peas and made super salty garlic bread.
8) pick our next vaca-spot. very exciting! :) 


i took this shot of our boys at cafe fresco. i love it.

ooo and if anyone needs a roof over their heads in pp, drop me a call! we have sweet-smelling sheets, a/c and a fridge stock-piled with singaporean/australian candies! cos we will most probably be hanging around cambodia for a while longer!! never really thought we'd say this about dusty old phnom penh but we're super excited !! sweaty tuktuk, dodgey supermarket, $1 beer and all, bring it on! :) although as we speak, our little apartment is going through some drama, kitchen sink is overflowing and window drips when it storms. im leaving for a family cruise tomorrow so. urm. good luck, honey!


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