Saturday, May 9, 2009

hullo from singapore..

weehee! i love the fresh air, local fruits, the company of my folks and well stocked up supermarkets! woah! all so overwhelming... its really true you don't know what you're missing until its gone!!

another wedding this evening, but this time im attending not working it. and im super super excited! a few months ago when my darling friend, chels, described her fiance, she told me she is marrying 'a very good man'. wow. and so he is! :) im so happy for her that she has found someone as wonderful. very well deserving as she is one of the most beautiful and strong girls i've met. i cant wait to see her dress, their wedding favours, my confetti cones in action and catch up with all the girlies that i've not seen in ages!  

i love weddings! 

have a romantic weekend, guys!


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