Friday, May 29, 2009

bangkok in pink...

thought we bring elizabeth pants allender (in short, elle-pants) to pay her homage to thailand.. she did a few commando-turns and decided to pass on shopping at suanlum night bazaar. wuss..

i loved my pink room!! thanks deaf! it worked out beautifully!!

popped into the royal palace for a quick visit but it didn't change much after all these years.. im not a big temple fan to start but it had really pretty patterns and colours.

the rest of bangkok, same as always. the cityscape was lovely for a change and we had a ball in the huge supermarkets with our tonkatsu ramen find. it was a marvelous day..


  1. Where is this Bangkok pink room? It looks cute! :D

  2. the hotel name is baansaladaeng! very inexpensive too and walking distance from two main train lines! :)


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