Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what easter weekends are made of...

- leisurely breakfast of home-made pancakes.
- long walks on dusty streets.
- deliciously soft new sheets.
- sneaking peeks at our new neighbour in his tighty-whities.
- a brand new bicycle with a basket and mud-guards for long dresses!!
- nice long massages.

yums! :)

original image from here.


  1. OMG I adore your french coffee press!! and the bicycle!! :):):))))

  2. not mine! i stole the picture from designsponge who had the most beautiful apartment featured!!
    but i do have a step through silver bike AND a french press and white sheets! :)

  3. c'mon! not my fault!!!
    he walks around in his apartment in full view every single night without drawing their curtains! its a shame he is no matthew mcconaughey :)

  4. For a moment there i tot it was daniel's apartment in PP! hahah..
    but i can imagine that u'd have a room that looks like that in the not so distant future.. haha..
    Not so sure abt putting the bike in the bedroom though.. haha.

  5. if daniel had his way, he would definitely put all three of his bikes in full sight in the bedroom! :)

  6. Sweet love!
    Thank you for your lovely easter card!!
    All the love to you and Daniel and family too - Judy& Lucas-

  7. Re: Sweet love!
    hi love!! i wish i could make you an easter basket too! like i always do and fill it up with baking goodies and cute stickers! *muahh*


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