Thursday, April 30, 2009

phnom penh: rue 240

i try to mix a little adventure in my daily life. do something i've never done before, explore somewhere new.

little birdie told me most of the clothing shops can be found along rue 240. they offer less touristy trinkets and more indi-designer wear so i truhad to check them out first thing this morning! :) somehow i always have this idealistic impression that somewhere in pp, i'd find some white-paved streets with no tuktuk drivers hassling passerbys, no littered streets but im coming to realize that there is no such thing here. but the shops were all so interesting and cute.

one of my favorites is jasmine boutique, they carried a range of resorty casual clothes made in raw silk which is so luxurious and soft. i got a cosy wrap dress here. and i loved Bliss, a one stop boutique and spa boasting of their luxurious linens (a mix of chartreuse paisleys from Australia; ravishing Indian bridal quilts hand-stitched from antique saris, and silvery silks from cambodia) and one off home linens! i fell in love with their slouchy poncho but looked a little like a flapping bat belonging to a mariachi band so woefully i had to part with it.. I also poked my nose into Water Lily, who will definitely be mum's favorite shop. their room was a jewellery craft workshop with the wonkiest and most amazing jewellery! when you walk in, they have heavy wooden chests showered generously with baubles of all type and prices. each wooden chest has hundreds of little drawers and if you stand there opening each one of them, i guarantee your patience will pay off.

at the end of my shopping trip, i treated myself to a cuppa coffee and some sweets at The Shop, one of phnom penh's famous bakeries and took a slow walk home! i like it when life's so easy and beautiful.. without trying too hard.


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