Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a little hello from cambodia.

heya from a little deli round the corner from our home in phnom penh. this cafe reminds me of santorini...  its white washed walls, bright blue accents, strong balmy afternoons with power smoothies in hand. here i found myself furiously replying work emails with a creamy cup of coffee, chatting with anna about some exciting new projects! so much for letting things go and taking it easy! *sigh*

cafe fresco wins hands down when we need a quick brekkie or drink because its so convenient and serves consistently decent comfort food. from their coffees, to pastries, rye breads and fresh sides of cheeses and salads, always reliably yums. in cambodia, we shamefully fall into the category for expat that we turn noses up at back in singapore. you know? the type that wakes up and heads to the ritz for champagne brunch, dines at the cliff, grocery shops at jasons and downs beers at clarke quay. all in one day.

but here, we are them.

if we really had to point fingers, all fault goes to the nasty bout of food poisoning dearly beloved caught on his FIRST weekend up. now, the more expat-targeted the restaurant is, the safer it is. in fact, our favorite eateries now serve pancakes, paninis, pasta, oven-baked pizza and french food.

home cooking takes centerstage most evenings. we load up on grocery when we go home (singapore) over the weekend and cart bags full of bak choi, fruits, garlic, salamis and jello. sometimes heavy potatoes too! all 25 kg worth of our luggage space is dedicated to food. sometimes if we absolutely have to, we'd pick up canned soup from the supermarket.. but don't let this colour your impression of cambodia because everytime we walk past stalls with local fruits of all colours and smells, mouthwatering road-side stalls with yummy sausages or roasts on the barbie or the supermarket with aisles full of fresh produce, we know deep in our hearts that we're totally over-reacting. :)


  1. dear, how beautiful :) you are living in cambodia now?

  2. hihi babe.. how are you! :) i'll be here for a month or so, so its a long vacation because daniel works here now.
    am sussing our their yoga scene. i reckon it'll be interesting. if you wanna visit, we have a guest room!!


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