Thursday, March 5, 2009

thursday trivia

1) trudged through evening traffic and ate at "With a Pinch of Salt" with qian and suman last evening. its such a cute place, as cute as their website! and my friends, simply precious.

2) counting down hours till saturday when dearly beloved touches down and we hit a new nail spalour with the girlies (and hopefully without stinks) and hit no.3 crab place! weehee..

3) i love it when i demand a bedtime story to be told, daniel starts with "i read last week that zac efron and vanessa hudgens are engaged.." haha.. yes, keeping abreast of latest hollywood gossip is one of his forte.

4) phibo found me an australian job that brings home 5-digits and i have to camp out in some island off great barrier reef! haha..

5) woke up at 4am last night thinking "ah! i need to order yellow polka-dotted cupcakes". this pre-wedding madness has been going on for way too long. drives me nuts cos im turning into the exact girl i swore not to become.

other than that, all's good! :)


  1. Hang in there.. the weekend will be here sooner than you know! hahha..
    Enjoy ur lovely weekend!!

  2. thanks babe! i just saw this message and the belated greetings! :)
    i went to minjiang for dimsum buffet.. not so happening! so quite disappointing.. am hoping the dinner packs more punch!
    how was yours :)


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