Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fairy-tutu and twinkle toes

hello world! we're back from a week of amazing food, bullet trains, deliciously warm onsens (spring baths..) and the rising sun. i didn't know they were serious about that last bit but i've woken up a few time in the wee hours of the morning in panic that we overslept our alarm cos the sun is out and shining at 6freakinam!!! anyhow, pictures to come! :)

but there is one little thingie im bursting to share!!

tadah.. my latest obsession - pettiskirts!!

and i score myself a fluffy chick-yellow one in a vintage store in harajuku! in the softest chiffon tulle!! i need to make a petticoat for my pettiskirt (duh, sounds so dumb) but i've been twirling in it around in my PJs. my mummy thinks im mad and going through a mid-life crisis. oh well.

and because there are literally no images of adult wearing these skirts other than the line dancing 60's costume and harajuku cosplay dressers, i had to email deaf, my trusty walking fashion director, to ask what in the world i can wear it with. haha turns our all my ideas of pairing it with a racer back, slinky diamond encrusted stils, simple cami-top will still make me look like a pre-schooler dressing up (see image above.) so she prescribed edgey pumps and a bustier with images and all!! so we're going shooping! sweeet! i cant wait to see how she dresses it up but im quite sure i'll still end up opting for the less stylish, boring ballet flats!

yayyy! :) score! im super thrilled!!


  1. hahaha if you get a sister for seth, make sure you get one of these for her. those baby portraits in pettiskirts... absolutely adorable!


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