Thursday, February 26, 2009

wedding stuff: moodboard

how romantic, the ballet! and pretty.. what a lovely wedding theme! stolen from here. im gathering all my wedding inspiration from wedding blogs nowadays!


  1. i lvoe the ballet theme too! are you a dancer??

  2. yes, for a long time!! but not much in recent years! :)
    me and daniel started out as salsa dance partners though!

  3. ooh cool! i've always wanted to be a ballet dancer when i was a little girl. Anyway, i think bride with pointe shoes will make very very nice bridal pictures!
    you can consider having salsa theme =p

  4. yes i agree! :) recently had a wedding for ballerina and her bridal pictures (taken by The Pond) was breathtaking!! if only i had such long willowy legs and lithe silouette!
    as for myself and daniel, definitely will be planning some salsa in the program! *fingers crossed*


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