Tuesday, February 10, 2009

wedding: my woes

For me, a wedding is such a wonderful time to share your relationship, your love, and your values with your closest friends and family. And that is my work and life-mantra, do whatever works, pick the more sensible way, do whatever makes you happy. I guess which is why in my years of wedding planning, I would find odd how some parents can dictate their child’s wedding (do the kids not have a brain) or do something so stuffy that its not you.


Recently, the family has been going through some wedding drama. Alongside comments from extended family (the evil forces), there has been aplenty demands. Truth is, its not really that bad but when you think about it, its all kinda silly. So the wedding would be brought forward. And im not the least bit thrilled or excited about it.


So im using this as my thinking pad. What do we want to share with our family. We want to share how important family is to us. Thus, we are doing what pleases them. If my mum wants to invite her dance friends, dance friends we’ll have. We want them to share our passion for pretty and creative things. We want them to feel that Daniel is part of the family and we will do what it takes to be both part of both families. We want to share the joy of food. We want to say our thank yous to both families and not let them think we’re running away from it all.


What’s the best solution to pass on this message?


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