Friday, February 27, 2009

race stuff: sprint aquathlon

some things make you realize that you've come a full round, holidays, memorable dates and significant events. for me, this was especially so last weekend when we hit sentosa beach at freaking 6am for daniel's first race this year. similarly, one year ago, we brought my didi to this race (you can read about it here) and he completely cracked us up with his competitiveness and sudden outburst of cartoon classics. this year pulling up in the car park, i missed tengsy even more. and we sat there and shared a chuckle.

at the same race, we saw the same few people. some older, some fitter, some with different gals on their arms.. but we did notice a significant increase of young sportsmen from the JCs and sport schools. all looking very fit! good on them, at least its not a white man dominated sport like it was before.. (p.s. they did fantastic in the race too!)

ooo. cute guy with a ripped bod! this is daniel's disdainful face as told me that they are probably half my age.. owwie..

oh hai there! :)

then i met the aussiebum and chilled out with him on my mustard damask picnic mat. do you spy my race flag chucked in my backpack? i hardly took any good photos of daniel cos we were googling at these few cuties..

sharing snackies on the sandy beach..

daniel did great, better than expected and recovered super fast! yayy! and the race this year is even more competitive than the last thanks to those young dudes! so one down two more in the series to go and a marathon to run in tokyo! wow, im such a fitness buff! :)


  1. oh wow! that aussiebum looks so familiar! How come he wasn't running this time?

  2. oddly familiar right? i was just glad to have a cute guy share my picnic mat. anyhow, he mumbled something like don't like swimming or something! :)

  3. Ya... the Aussiebum looks familiar. Haha. Anyway I can't swim very well. Even in swimming pools I use the shallow ones. So swimming in the sea with throngs of other 'competitive' people is out of the question. Will prob drown. Haha.

  4. im completely fine with you not racing! :) going for the next one? its at selatar at some unearthly hour again!


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