Monday, February 16, 2009

the price you pay for being honest..

i wish this was one of those motivating entries that makes you want to be a better person. but im saying now 'don't!'..

i backed into another car (who, in my own defense, was parked out of his lot completely..) while parking yesterday afternoon. and as a matter of principles, i wrote a apologetic note and my number for the dude and put it in his windscreen. and i was prepared to pay whatever it costs..

next thing i knew, i had this yelling rude ah-zek hurling nasty remarks at me, refusing to go to my mechanic and demanding that i pay him $500 cos his mechanic quoted him so. on the other hand, my mechanic dude can do it for $80 - $100.. *sigh*

ok seriously now, it was a paint transfer, no dent, no broken parts and he was obviously trying to take me to the cleaners so i handed the whole case to my dad. who promptly told him to piss off. so we're settling this by the insurance company! yikes. such a mess.

and this whole time, i keep thinking, what if i just walked away.,,.


  1. i think u did the right thing. it's unfortunate it din quite turn out the way u expected it to be. still, it's good to be honest. at least u sleep better at night.

  2. bahh...u know u won't just walk away. it's not in ur nature to do so. anw, screw that ah pek...his greed will take a toll on him some day! hmph!

  3. *HUGS*.. let the insurance company handle it.. dun fret. i'm sure it wont be as complicated as mine.

  4. hope not!! yikes! i'd hate to go into court for a less than $200 settlement.


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