Tuesday, February 24, 2009

natas is the buzz word!!

i don't ever pick up the papers, unless they are lying in the way of my car.. somehow the doom and gloom of everything doesn't appeal. how many people were made redundant, who raped whose 15-yr old child. all too yucky for my escapist outlook in life. in my little selfmade realm, the world is filled with fluffly pink chicks, initmate and stylish weddings, hugs and love. maybe thats why im having such a hard time grappling with the realities of growing up, taxes, immigration laws, insurance blah blah blah..

anyhow, i digress. back to the newspapers!

i got really excited reading it this morning! on top of the beautiful gowns (is it just me or are the bridal look white gowns coming back in style.), there was a sneak peak of travel deals that are coming up this weekend at the natas fair! *whoops* actually quite good rates up to 60% off!! like bali for $218.. wow! tempting!!

im awfully tempted but there are so many things to sort out this year and many trips and dates that we have to keep aside for friends' weddings, family commitment and the start of our own bad-ass weddings (another tiring story for another day,.) but all you other care-free unmarried peeps out there, go check it out! i live vicariously through your adventures!!!



  1. "care-free unmarried peeps"
    did somebody call me?:P oh... holidays... i want!!!:D

  2. you're already going to philippines to dive?!? im sooo jealous...

  3. it's indonesia my friend!:P MILES apart:P hahaha. not confirmed yet. let's see how it all works out.

  4. oops... my asian geography is majorly lacking (hell, my world geography also not much betta!)
    hope you eventually make it before work gets crazy again! :)


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