Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mummy floral studio

i got my creative bones from my amazing mummy. she loves anything to do with handicrafts, reconstructing clothes, sequinny fabrics, embellishing clothes with diamonds and jewellery making. so last week, i needed to make faux flower corsages and flower gal headbands. all i did was pull out my craft box and she took over the whole project. in fact she had so much fun she started designing some for my wedding *sigh* (im so going to break her heart if i tell her there are no flower girls..)

but one thing that was not her, so i thought, was flowers. i grew up in a house with no fresh flowers, no gardenful of blooms, nothing. we had a front yard with cement and potted bouganvilla, random palms and money plants.. how uninspiring. and i've never seen her with bouquets of flowers  nor has she ever gotten excited over the flowers i brought home. it was always reasons like so expensive, i rather diamonds, they die so fast..

so i assumed that it was just not her thing.. until i had to run an errand in far east last week and brought her into the cold room. her smile was priceless. she twirled amongst the tulips, fingered each petal of the peonies and spent the longest time looking at orchids... so i offered to buy her something and that she could pick. i have never seem my darling mum so excited before. she hemmed and hawed over the purple orchids, then it was the pink roses then as we checked out, she decided on yellow carnations. and put everything back in place and made up her mind... yellow spray carnation. she told me how she loves yellow flowers because when she and dad lived in the UK, she saw a meadow of them and it was beautiful.

ever since we got the little flowers, she has been staring at them, monitoring their daily progress and last i noticed, she put ice into the water claiming that carnations are 'cold weather' flowers so the ice will cool them down.

as cute as my mum...

i'd like to think i got her started on something here.


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