Friday, February 6, 2009

im completely addicted to gossip girl. finised the entire first season in three nights and now craving for season two.. i love blair's winter coats, satin hair bands and dresses.. did i also mention i was also jealous that she lives in manhattan! and selena's hair and cute crooked smile. and i absolutely love dan humphrey he is so cute( although deaf much prefers chuck... which lead us to the conclusion that friends who are attracted to different extremes coexist better! specifically in reference to men.) and the wedding at the museum! and the vintage ralph lauren bridesmaid gown, the gardeniaa & ivy draped on each cainback chair.. so chic!! some people just live the blessed life!

also, i've bravely taken the first adult step of owning an insurance policy. the first one ever initiated and paid by poor ass!

in other frustrating news, gmail has been extremely slow. i've taken to sending messages by facebook! how bad is that!!


  1. if u ever do spy one of those satin hairbands, help me buy too. haha

  2. OMG i have not worn a hairband since primary two but kay kiang went to buy one form montip yesterday ($3.90) i still look cuckoo!
    but i have high hope in the ones in japan. im sure they will make me look as chic as blair! help you keep a look out! pink for you babe?

  3. no.. they don't have it in japan or taiwan.. :(
    there are nearly similar ones from korea but those cost like 40bucks n only look half as good.
    so i was hoping it could be found in the states!



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