Friday, February 20, 2009

happy friday...

i love weddings. both being at wedding and planning weddings. but the one wedding im not extremely excited about it sadly, my own... somehow planning someone else's is wayy easier!!

got into our first wedding-related grouch, and the boy is coming home this weekend with a plateful of wedding ideas! hah! will see what  plan he comes up with.

anyhow, in the midst of insanity, my darling brother in UK has been my rock. he has graciously taken on the role of wedding consultant, a rather self-serving role cos he keeps suggesting crazy destination weddings cos he is freezing his ass off and all he can think of is a little sunshine.. and he has been vetting through my budgets going "WAH jie, got so expensive or not", researching chichi resorts in weird corners of the world and crazy ideas to celebrate our litttle event. methink part of him already acknoledged he cant run away from the 60 table big do when his turn comes.. so he is living vicariously through me. but this completely cracked us up!

"JIEJIE why not.. we all skydive together haha.. family dive.. including daniel's side.. haha.. then we do formation and take wedding photo.. haha..."

right, dream on, my little brother.


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