Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wednesday lovin'

i had this insane idea for my boss to take unpaid leave these few weeks cos it didn't seem like i had work to do after the last wedding. but my thought came to a grinding halt when i got slammed with so much work!! as one of my client says "when the shit hits the fan!" haha.. i love that phrase not so much the imagery! :)

so just some mid-week cheer..

got this from a cup of jo, daily photography, relationship and wedding inspiration! and sent it to dearly beloved who is way to far away.. he came back with "i love you more than blueberry pancakes on a sunday morning!" haha.

also, yewsong just turned 24 on monday! that silly boy received a coaster from me with a chicken and a bra.. haha. i love him more than a coaster but its just hard to mail things over so i guess i'll just have to make up for many many birthdays at one go when he returned. and among all his amazing travel pictures, i saw the weirdest thing ever on his flickr site! he got himself some frozen fresh durian in a tub. (talk about oxymoron..) but seriously why would anyone eat yucky stuff like that frozen. anyhow, to each their own! and he recently got into oxford med school so he'd be a poor student for a few more years! :) but im one proud sister! :) 

haven't been posted much on my personal blog cos i've been task to blog for spellbound! woah two dream jobs in one! :) :) :)

i can't wait for chinese new year to come! daniel is flying back again for the festivities! we figured we better cash in on our 'benefits' before we have to start handing angpows out! 


  1. Well done!! That's where I went to med school, he'll have a fabulous time. :)

  2. im sure he would! :) he was hoping to get into stanford for a change of environment (cos he has been in kings for 3 years..) but oxford it is! :)


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