Wednesday, January 7, 2009

usa 2008: new york! new york!

As im sitting now in the warm sunny afternoon in my shorts and tank top, rubbing cream on my rash from the cold, im mighty glad that we have the weather we do. but in all the places i've lived in my life, my heart will always belong to New York City. its just the magic of that city. We sat there in the dead of winter sipping our fancy concoctions of holiday blends from starbucks, wriggling our toes in soggy cold socks, and decided painfully that New York is taken off our list of places we could see ourselves living in.. we'd just have to earn heaps so we can visit this magnificant place every single year (just kidding!!) 

From the hugest icons of modern day life (Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Tiffany & Co.) to the smallest, cherished moments (clinging to each other tight as we glid across ice in Central Park, finding Capezio and giggling at male g-strings, ooing and ahing at tubs in The Container Store) to the most unbelievable moments (being told that our ring can be resized in 15 hours, fireworks showering us after we gave up on seeing them, finding the coolest salsa social and cuddling on the subway with palm warmers to keep our fingers toasty with our nearest and dearest), New York had us at hello.

So, yes! New York, done and done to death but still a fantastic place to explore over and over again.

I heart noo york! even if its freakin' cold.. i was not as happy five minutes later..

daniel being the relaxed traveller he is, told me the only thing he wanted to do in new york was to ice-skate in central park and to eat pastrami on rye!! and since i've done neither, i was on board with the plan. this is HALF of the famous Carnegie pastrami sandwich which came so huge it was impossible for one single person to finish. so we split it!! (for an additional charge for $3) we were so stuff i felt terrible after that! 

the beautiful central park in winter. if i could, i would get married here in fall/spring - my favorite spot in manhattan..

so thrilled by the tub-full of gumballs in dylan's!! yoomee looks so much like judy and is such a ray of sunshine!

and we had dessert at Serendipity3 which is the most whimsical and pretty restaurant i've been to. but the wait for a table was 1h30m so we had to have a little wander around. good thing it was located in the middle of park ave so plenty of stores (urban outfitters, victorias secret, dylan candy store, container store) to keep us busy.. and with yoomee there is never a dull moment.. it was so much fun squished in this cute little place sipping on frozen hot chocolate which is their signature drink (its frozen..)

that was all we could squeeze into our first two days of our horri-holly day! the very next day, we packed our bags and jetted off to virginia where more adventures awaited. :) 


  1. hey u got the photographer's blood in u la! Shoot more! =)

  2. welcome back! i want a tub full of gumballs!

  3. i want a tub full of GUMMY BEARS!!! yums...

  4. how was your christmas & new year, hon? give seth heaps of kisses for me!!! *hugs*

  5. i claim no credit, my bf loves fiddling around with his camera but thanks alwin! he'd be pleased to hear from a professional!!

  6. Woah! looks like great fun! I can't wait to see more photos from your trip! :D

  7. ahhh babe, i having problems loading up your new pikkies! but congrats on your new present and happy belated birthday!! *Hugs*


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